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Welcome to The Dart Side, a blog on server side programming in Dart.
Dart started life as a failed front end development tool, intending to replace JavaScript. Then like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, Flutter a Dart base Mobile framework, was born.
The world is talking about Flutter but the Dart language itself seems to get little light. This is a crime that needs to be address as it the Dart language that makes Flutter great!
Flutter programmers take all the limelight; it's time that we, backend Dart developers, had a chance to emerge from the dark and into the light.
As the Dart eco system has matured, full stack development, using Dart as the sole language, has now emerged as a reality.
People are now talking about Dart on the backend and Dart is emerging from the shadows of Flutter, so it's time to shed some light on The Dart Side.
If you are interested in the Dark side of Dart, then you have come to the right spot.
Welcome younglings, to The Dart Side.

About Noojee

Brett is one of the founders of Noojee with a long history in server side development.
Noojee offers technical support and tooling for backend Dart development and is a major contributor to the Conduit project ( a Dart based REST server with built in ORM).
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